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Parts & Repairs
Name Location Details
TW Chambers & Co UK Spare parts for most popular airgun makes and models
Airgun Grips USA Custom grips for Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan airguns
Airgun Spares UK Spare parts for many common airguns
Airgun Tune UK Specialised air rifle tuning and renovation
The Airgun Centre UK Free servicing for rifles
Archer Airguns USA Parts and servicing for airguns
Lawrie Amatruda UK 'Airgun Doctor', specialises in vintage airguns
Phil Baker UK Specialises in Umarex airgun servicing/repair
Best Fittings UK Various CO2 adapters and converters
Checkmate Guns UK Specialist parts, servicing and repairs for target pistols
Elite Shooting Centre UK Custom pistol parts and grips
GMAC Custom Parts UK Custom parts for Crosman (and other) airguns
Greek Airsoft Greece Mainly airsoft but also has spare magazines for airguns
Magic9 Design Ltd UK Nick Hulme, specialises in airgun serving and bespoke gunsmithing
Mays of London UK Gunsmithing and bespoke services, spares and repairs
Militaria Poland Poland Spare magazines and some other parts
Penguin Orchid Thailand Custom pistol grips
Precision Pellet USA Authorised service station for Crosman and its subsidiary brands
Sportswaffen Schneider Germany Spare springs, seals, magazines and other parts
TR Robb UK Airgun specialist offering tuning kits and replacement parts
Talon Tunes USA Offering tuning and servicing skills for Talon airguns
Woodfield Gun Care UK Home of 'Welsh Willy' tuning and spring kits
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