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Airgun Manufacturers
Brand Location Description
Aeron BRNO Czech Rep Quality manufacturer of target pistols
Air Arms UK Mainly associated with air rifles but also produce the 'Alfa' target pistol
Airforce USA Featuring a range of target and utility air rifles
Anics Russia Product range features several 4.5mm BB pistols
Anschütz Germany Leading producer of target and hunting rifles (majority shareholder of Steyr)
ASG Denmark Design/market house Action Sport Games (owned by Czech firm CZ)
Avanti USA A target pistol range from parent company Daisy
Baikal (IZH) Russia Producer of airguns including the MP-654K Makarov
Beeman USA North American distributor for Weihrauch and owner of the Marksman brand
Benjamin USA A brand of air rifles and pistols from parent company Crosman
Brocock UK British firm formed in 1989 producing a range of CO2, PCP and spring airguns
BSA UK Manufacturer of a wide range of air rifles
Cometa Spain Mainly manufacture air rifles but also produce the 'Indian' air pistol
Crosman USA One of the largest and most established producers of airguns in the world
Cybergun France Major distributor of BB replicas including the Firepower brand
Daisy USA Manufacturer of air pistols/rifles including the Powerline and Avanti brands
Daystate UK Leading manufacturer of air rifles
Diana Germany Long-established European producer of airguns
Drulov Czech Rep Quality manufacturer of target pistols and air rifles
EDGun Russia Manufacturer of the Matador bullpup air rifle
EKOL Turkey Mainly produce blank firers but also offer several airgun models
Evanix Korea Manufacturer of air rifles
Falcon UK Small range of air rifles from this UK based firm
FAS Sporting Arms Italy Small range of air pistols
Feinwerkbau Germany FWB (fine workmanship in German) producer of world-class competition airguns
Firepower France A brand from French company Cybergun
FX Sweden Makers of an extensive range of air rifles
Gamo Spain Largest European manufacturer of (mostly pellet) airguns
Gamo USA USA USA website for North America
Gletcher Russia Design/Marketing house offering mainly KWC manufactured models
Hämmerli Germany An Umarex airgun brand producing mainly mid-range and competition airguns
Hatsan Turkey Hatsan Arms produce air rifles and shotguns and a small range of powerful pistols
Hogan Firearms UK Makers of a range of air rifles
IZH (Baikal) Russia Producer of airguns including the MP-654K Makarov
Kral Turkey Manufacturer of shotguns and air rifles
KJ Works Taiwain Mainly an airsoft manufacturer but they also produce several airgun models
KWC Taiwan Major manufacturing partner for Cybergun, Gletcher and others
Mendoza Mexico Produce a range of air rifles
Morini Switzerland Makers of competition air pistols
Norica Spain Manufacturer of air rifles
Pardini Italy Produce a range of target air pistols
Parker Hale UK Makers of the Phoenix air rifle
Phoenix Airguns UK Manufacturers of a small range of air rifles
Powerline USA The main airgun brand/product range from Daisy
Rapid Air Weapons USA Manufacturers of a small range of air rifles
Röhm Germany Manufacturer of high-end competition airguns (another Umarex brand)
Ruger Germany In airgun terms best known for the Superhawk revolver (another Umarex brand)
SAM Lugano Switzerland Swiss Arms Manufacture Lugano are a small firm producing match PCP pistols
Sheridan USA Airgun manufacturer now owned by Crosman
SMK UK Sports Marketing have their own range of entry-level airguns
Steyr Austria Producer of world-class competition airguns (owned by Anschütz)
Stoeger USA US based manufacturer of air rifles
Umarex Germany Offer the largest selection of airgun models in the world
Umarex USA USA Site features a lot of product information and downloadable content
Valtro Italy A division of Italian-Arms
Voltran Turkey Parent company for the EKOL brand
Walther Germany World famous brand (now owned by Umarex) offering high-end target airguns
Webley UK 200-year-old British firm (now manufactured by ATAK Arms in Turkey)
Weihrauch Germany Manufacturer of high-quality target pistols and air rifles
Winchester USA A range of air rifles and the Model 11 air pistol from parent company Daisy
Wingun Taiwan Manufacturing partner for many popular ASG and Umarex models
ZMZ Russia Zlatoustovsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod best known for the Tyrex PPA-K-01
Zoraki Turkey A brand name for ATAK Arms (who also manufacture Webley products)
Brand Location Description
Combro UK Manufacturer of barrel-mounted chronograph
Shooting Chrony USA Popular manufacturer of chronographs
Skan UK Arguably the best chronograph maker in the world
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