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Frequently Asked Questions
So what is all about?
It's an online resource for airgun enthusiasts. Pulling together information, photos, diagrams, videos and other useful resources into one easy to navigate interface.
Who is it aimed at?
Just about anyone who is interested in airguns. There should be something here for beginners and experienced shooters alike.
How does it work?
The main part of the site is organised into a gallery of airgun thumbnails which you can 'explore' at your leisure. Clicking on a thumbnail (or the link underneath) leads to a detailed profile page containing technical specifications and other useful information and media.
What is the scope of the site?
The focus for the site is air pistols (airguns as opposed to airsoft).
Initially, I've started with pistols which are still being manufactured and are available to buy. But I will also be including some profiles for classic or vintage pistols in due course. In addition to the profile pages the site includes extensive reference sections featuring links to owners manuals, diagrams, retailers, distributors, repairers, publications, organisations, clubs, blogs, reivew sites etc.
Visit the sitemap page for a full breakdown of the content ... [link].
What was the inspiration for the site?
I was looking for a project and this seemed to offer an opportunity for me to combine my interest in airguns and web design. I'm the first to admit that my html skills are somewhat limited and a little out of date. But the most important thing is that I can design a layout for the site that is to my liking.
What future plans do you have for the site?
New content is being added all the time. The airgun profile pages are the main focus for the time being but I also have plans to add a discussion forum, Facebook page and YouTube channel at some point. Longer term, I have plans to migrate the site to a Wordpress style blog.
How does the rating system work?

It can be difficult to find an objective way to rate airguns given they come with such a diverse range of features and capabilities. The system adopted here simply gives a score out of ten across five categories. These are added together to give a total score out of a maximum of fifty. Colour-coding is applied as shown below :-

What do information sources do you use for the profile pages?
The information contained in the profile pages is gathered from a number of different sources. These include manufacturers technical specifications, reference books, internet sites and, wherever possible, first hand observation and testing.
How can I report an error or omission on one of your profile pages?
Send an email to with a link to the page in question. Briefly explain the nature of the error/omission. I'll look in to it and update the page, where appropriate.
Can I submit my own profile for an airgun?

Yes you can, so long as there isn't already a profile in place for a given airgun.
Follow the profile page template and e-mail the information to

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